What We Do
Sales Strategy and Planning
Recurring revenue streams
  • Capture of recurring revenue streams – making it visible and reduce the need for manual re-entry

  • Focus on early engagement to enable visibility within the sales cycle

  • Experience in optimising client engagement to build your brand

Sales processes involve many aspects and Navigate Clear are skilled in the detail and precision work as well as strategy, analysis and design. We work comfortably with stakeholders on strategy as well as with existing teams on operational improvements.


We are customer value focused – going beyond customer experience and building trust in your brand, based on multiple points of engagement, over time. Change the way in which customers allow you to participate with them, invest in becoming a partner to your clients, and move beyond a transaction channel.

  • Review possible gaps in the market or in your go to market strategy

  • Analysis of previous sales to determine key trends and possible gaps in existing sales approach

  • Design campaigns targeted for specific products/ skills/ customers

  • Driving operational efficiency to lower costs as well as maximising profit through rebate programs, volume margin plays and negotiations with suppliers

  • Maximising cross- sell and upsell opportunities to ensure opportunities to meet client needs aren’t overlooked

Customer Delight