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IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 
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Software Asset Management (SAM) - Multi Vendor
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IBM licensing 

Navigating the complexities of IBM licensing can be confusing, frustrating, and can involve financial implications if not understood. It shouldn't be so hard, but sometimes it is. We can assist with license models, solution mapping, estate optimisation, and risk mitigation. Whether for a point solution or for a more programmatical approach to your total IBM software investment - we'll use our expertise and wealth of experience to craft a solution to meet your needs. 

When using IBM PVU and some RVU applications in a virtual environment, IBM require that you use a tool, IBM License Metric Tool - ILMT , to measure the virtual usage. To protect your interests, it is best to reconcile ILMT after installation. This ensures that the reports are an accurate reflection of your environment. We can help in firstly understanding the reports and then working with your teams and the tool to create an accurate and compliant representation of your environment.

We are certified by the International IT Asset Management industry body for Software Asset Management. This makes us able to design, implement, or consult on any vendors software. We also have deep skills and experience in IBM, and we regularly work with other professionals with deep expertise in a particular vendor or software. 

Licensing & SAM