Perhaps you are

  • building a software asset management program and need help with the IBM discovery and reporting

  • moving some or all applications into the cloud and want to make the best use of existing assets

  • minimising costs and want to find efficiencies in software expenditure

  • approaching a contract revision and would like advice on the best license models for your current and future usage 

Navigate Clear is an independent software advisory firm. We've worked closely with vendors for many years and understand the license rules for many complex applications. We have specific expertise with IBM. We partner with other firms who have expertise with other vendors. We work with end users and business partners to solve challenges relating to measuring and reporting on software usage as well as assisting with optimisation and cost savings. 


Miriam Redding is the founder and principal consultant of Navigate Clear. Miriam's IT industry experience across the US, Australia, & New Zealand, has spanned sales and operational roles and has involved sourcing, consulting, strategy and management. Miriam has grown multiple business units from the ground up into multi-million dollar operations.


Prior to Navigate Clear, Miriam established Certus’ licensing practice, which focused on enabling clients to gain maximum benefit from their IBM software investments. She led a committed and capable team centred on customer value through effective processes to become IBM’s largest software business partner. This team was commended by IBM for their operational efficiency given the volume of business.


During this time Miriam also built and grew Certus’ software asset management consulting practice. This team offered a range of skills for reporting and ongoing governance of complex license models, including building IBM's License Management Plans (LMP) for clients involved in License Management Option (LMO).


Harnessing this range of experience, Miriam established a separate consultancy. Navigate Clear makes excellent use of all of Miriam’s background and skills, including SAM governance, IBM negotiation, license optimisation, ILMT, and LMO. 


Miriam also co-founded One on Epsilon, an education technology start-up, focused on driving curiosity and nurturing connection. Miriam’s ongoing involvement contributes to strategy, school and community outreach, as well as partnering and contributions to One on Epsilon content.