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 IBM licensing 

Navigating the complexities of IBM licensing can be confusing, frustrating, and can involve financial implications if not understood. It shouldn't be so hard, but sometimes it is. We can assist with license models, solution mapping, estate optimisation, and risk mitigation. Whether for a point solution or for a more programmatical approach to your total IBM software investment - we'll use our expertise and wealth of experience to craft a solution to meet your needs. 

IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 

When using IBM PVU and some RVU applications in a virtual environment, IBM require that you use a tool, IBM License Metric Tool - ILMT , to measure the virtual usage. To protect your interests, it is best to reconcile ILMT after installation. This ensures that the reports are an accurate reflection of your environment. We can help in firstly understanding the reports and then working with your teams and the tool to create an accurate and compliant representation of your environment.

Software Asset Management (SAM) - Multi Vendor


We are certified by the International IT Asset Management industry body for Software Asset Management. This makes us able to design, implement, or consult on any vendors software. We also have deep skills and experience in IBM, and we regularly work with other professionals with deep expertise in a particular vendor or software. 

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Practice Areas


  • Sourcing and Procurement Advice​

  • Software Solution Design 

  • Software Estate Planning


About Us

Perhaps you are

  • building a software asset management program and need help with the IBM discovery and reporting

  • moving some or all applications into the cloud and want to make the best use of existing assets

  • minimising costs and want to find efficiencies in software expenditure

  • approaching a contract revision and would like advice on the best license models for your current and future usage 

Navigate Clear is an independent software advisory firm. We've worked closely with vendors for many years and understand the license rules for many complex applications. We have specific expertise with IBM. We partner with other firms who have expertise with other vendors. We work with end users and business partners to solve challenges relating to measuring and reporting on software usage as well as assisting with optimisation and cost savings. 

Miriam Redding is the founder and principal consultant of Navigate Clear. Miriam's IT industry experience across the US, Australia, & New Zealand, has spanned sales and operational roles and has involved sourcing, consulting, strategy and management. Miriam has grown multiple business units from the ground up into multi-million dollar operations.


Navigate Clear's licensing practice is focused on enabling clients to gain maximum benefit from their IBM software investments, centered on customer value through effective processes. We offer a range of skills for reporting and ongoing governance of complex license models. Depending on customer requirements we assist with SAM governance, IBM negotiation, license optimisation, ILMT, and ongoing license management. 

About Us


Navigating an Audit 
IBM PPA History- Tips and trick
ILMT Tips and Tricks
Software Audit Guidance


Software audits can be daunting and time consuming for both you and the vendor. Beyond the contractual obligation that allows a software vendor to audit, it is reasonable that a vendor meets governance back to their shareholders.


An audit doesn’t need to be painful and an upfront and ongoing small investment in software asset management can assist in your understanding of true usage, as well as eliminating your risk for non-compliance. Usage reporting can also assist you in forecasting software spend, which is increasingly important for some customers as they move more applications into the cloud and transition to a dev-ops environment. In an ideal world, when a vendor requests an audit, you would have all of the information and history ready and waiting. This is often not the reality, which means more work for everyone to gain the relevant information.


In an audit, it’s essential that you understand license usage rules, license types and provisions. Many products evolve over time which can impact on the use rights. It can sometimes be challenging to just see how this evolution happens based on your yearly renewal. Not to mention, it’s unlikely that you have someone in your team tasked with understanding only IBM usage and license rules. Often teams are focused on many vendors, applications, and license types.


IBM audits follow set guidelines and processes, which IBM and their 3rd party auditors can share if you have questions about the next step in the process. IBM certainly want to have the process flow as smoothly as possible, as do you.


If you would like more information on how we can help, please reach out for an initial discussion.

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